Lucas Oil 200
(Getty Images for NASCAR)

Tuesday night, Richland Police and the Washington State Patrol didn't have to go far to nab an intoxicated suspect who was driving on a suspended license. No, he wasn't driving a NASCAR truck, but you get the idea.

Shortly after 9pm, 49-year-old William Roe of Richland refused to pull over for a traffic stop on GW Way near Columbia Point. He instead sped onto I-182 eastbound.

Richland Police enlisted help from Washington State Patrol troopers, but they didn't have to do much work. Shortly after zipping onto the freeway, an errant piston gave way inside Mr. Roe's motor, likely throwing a rod through the bottom and probably through the oil pan. His flight came to an abrupt end, and he was taken into custody.

He was either pushing his car way too hard, or else he had a cheap motor not designed for 'fleeing police.'  Either way, he's now in the Benton County jail on DUI and other charges.

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