The area where this occurred isn't a giant metro, but when an entire school district stays home due to the flu, it gets your attention.

The Bonham, TX ISD school district announced Tuesday that all children K-12 would stay home until next Wednesday, due to excessive absences due to this year flu.

Bonham is a town of about 10,100 people roughly 75 miles Northeast of Dallas.  According to sources, the district has about 1,927 total students, K-12.

This is the first such district-wide total school cancel of any kind this year in the U.S. Officials say after consulting with doctors and health workers that keeping away for 7 days should allow the flu to 'cycle' through the area and for students to get better.

However, the kids should be happy about one big thing. According to the school email and text send out to families:

"Bad weather days will not be used for this time off and days will not have to be made up."

Wow! the kids don't have to go to school until the end of June or anything.  Our kids here would be jealous, especially after extending the school year due to the Snowmageddon.

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