Truck driver tries to outrun police car with this damage (Pasco police)

Early Wednesday morning Pasco police were presented with a bizarre case of a man driving a truck in West Pasco, who was "ping ponging" off other vehicles.

The very early morning call came from near the new Three Rivers School. Multiple reports had come in at almost the same time from citizens, who said the work-style truck had hit a vehicle. It then continued to move through neighborhoods, striking several others in the process.

When located by Pasco police, the man, identified as 43-year-old Joey Jordan, was headed south on Road 84 near Chiawana High School. The truck was throwing a plume of sparks from the wheel and under carriage.

He tried to run from police, but the damage to the left front of his truck (in picture) obviously impeded his progress. He's now in the Franklin County jail facing several charges of hit and run. No word if any alcohol or drugs were involved in the incidents.