Neither had we, until we got an email from Gov. Inslee's office announcing the ORIA (Office for Regulatory Innovation and Assistance) has a new director.

A fellow named Aaron Everett will be taking over this apparently Inslee-created government post, but it got us thinking.

The very fact that such an office was created is a sign that we have too many regulations in the first place.

According to the website, their mission "is to help people navigate Washington's environment and business regulatory system..."  The goal of the office is to apparently help people who would otherwise be overwhelmed when they want to start their own business, have a project or plan that requires environmental 'approval', and reportedly see improvements being made to the regulatory system.

Ask most businessmen and women, or citizens, and they will tell you we don't need an office to help us understand the pile of regulations.  Just get rid of a lot of them, and things will be far easier to understand.

It's actually kind of funny, that Inslee and state officials don't see the irony in having an office to help people understand all the regulations in the state.  'We've piled rule after rule on business, farmers, and others, but now let's make an office to help you understand it.'

The best way to get rid of a big ball of red tape is to unravel it and throw it away, not hire somebody to explain it.

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