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The Washington State Building Codes Council plans to meet September 15th in Spokane, Could there be modifications to the natural gas 'bans' that were scheduled?

California ruling could ripple effect to WA

Earlier this summer, The California Restaurant Association won a case against the City of Berkeley, which tried to effectively ban the use of natural gas, by preventing the installation of natural gas piping into new construction.

The court ruled Federal law supersedes local or state law. Because of this, the WSBCC delayed its ban on natural gas for new homes or businesses until October 29th. The bans were to go into place on July 1st.

 The Center Square reports the council is considering modifying the rules, but did not specifically list what changes could be made.

The 9th Circuit ruling carries a lot of weight because it is a higher court than local, state, or other legal entities within CA.

A number of times, the Building Industry Association of Washington has pushed back against the proposed ban, saying severe housing shortages demand more feasible construction. They also argue, along with other building and real estate experts, that forcing construction of homes using only electricity instead of a natural gas HVAC and/or heating option is already being reflected in skyrocketing construction costs.

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These costs then drive up home prices.  The Center Square reports the Council will meet in the Spokane Valley at Center Place Regional Event Center, Room 109, located at 2426 North Discovery Place.

The meeting will be broadcast digitally, click here for a link to see the proceedings.


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