I recently stumbled on a YouTube channel called Fishin' Pacific Northwest. They only have 49 subscribers to date, but I think that's going to grow. And I don't get the impression the videographer of this channel really cares if he has thousands and thousands of viewers, you can see he's doing this out of the pure passion for fishing.

It was a rather stressful Monday yesterday, and I was so glad to stumble on this video. The music was relaxing and the scenery was spectacular. The fisherman in this video angled his catch expertly and was sure to take care by properly handling the fish before the release.

One commenter requested the name of the river or stream because they would like to go there and take pictures. The videographer said unfortunately he could not share the location because the locals there did not want the name posted publicly. He did say that it's not a secret place at all and there is a countless number of rivers that have similar views and similar fish like this. I don't think this is anywhere on the east side, but I know there is trout fishing to be had if you know where to go. Or maybe you just want to head to the Blues!

Enjoy the video and I hope you enjoy all that the great state of Washington has to offer Outdoors.


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