Two FBI agents are being investigated for failing to report they discharged their weapons during the fatal shooting of Oregon Wildlife protester LeVoy Finnicum. A report released by officials this week claims the fatal shooting was justified.

Harney County, OR officials say video evidence supposedly shows Finnicum reaching for a pistol in his jacket, as officials were attempting to arrest him during a traffic stop. Authorities were trying to arrest him and other occupiers of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in January. He refused to surrender and drove away from officials before crashing his truck in a snowbank not far from a roadblock.

Finnicum was shot three times in the back, six shots were fired by Oregon State Patrol officers. Three missed. Two unaccounted for bullet holes were found in Finnicum's vehicle and it's presumed they were fired by FBI agents. They were part of the bureau's elite hostage rescue team.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown said it was "troubling" the FBI agents didn't disclose they fired their weapons during the stop as well. Oregon's top federal prosecutor said the two agents are being investigated. An FBI statement claimed the fatal shooting and use of force was justified.

Officials claim Finnicum told them "you're gonna have to shoot me."  Video shows he raised and lowered his hands several times before reportedly reaching for his left side. Officials claim he was 'known' to carry a gun on his left, and they fired.

As he was reaching for his pocket, he was fatally shot, authorities found a 9mm pistol on his person, but he did not actually produce the gun or point it at the officers and agents. He was shot before his hand go into the pocket.

The names of the agents and officers involved in the incident have not been released, citing death threats, say authorities.

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