They're joking, right? No, not really.

Ten Federal Emergency Management Administration offices on storm-battered Staten Island closed Wednesday as a snow storm roared in on the area. In one office, a sign on the door read, "Closed due to weather." Wow!

We found this from an actual FEMA training manual. We think this is what they are supposed to do:

Coordinates and monitors assistance programs
› Disseminates information
› Accepts applications (for disaster aid-assistance)
› Advises individuals, families, and businesses concerning available assistance
− Locates JFO and Recovery Center sites, to the extent feasible, in areas most heavily affected by the disaster
− Identifies staffing and other resource requirements
− Establishes an environment of compassion, assurance, efficiency, and expediency in all disaster assistance activities

To see the "Closed" sign for yourself, click the button below!

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