For years, ITT Tech has enabled thousands of students to pursue higher education in a variety of careers, but how some financial aid opportunities are going to disappear.

As of August 25th, the U.S. Department of Education ruled that ITT can no longer enroll students who are using Federal financial aid programs.

Specific reasons were not given by the Washington State Student Achievement Council (WSAC), but they did not, at their monthly meeting, review the Federal government's decision that ITT cannot enroll federally supported students anymore.

The decision will affect students using the State Need Grant and College Bound Scholarship programs, among others.

ITT Tech currently has campuses in Spokane Valley, Everett and Seattle. A number of Tri-City area students have been involved in their programs. WSAC says some 480 ITT students, about half of those enrolled, received State Need Grants.

According to sources, the school is under financial strains that could close it's 137 campuses, and is facing Federal scrutiny. According to the Washington Post, the school has been beset with allegations of fraud, deceptive marketing accusations and other issues for the past two years. They've also been accused of steering students into predatory loans. That's why the Federal government demanded in April for the school to show why it was worthy of accredidation.



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