Felon guns self in parking lot of store (Getty Images)

So if you're a convicted felon, you're not supposed to have a gun. And, you shouldn't play with one for fun, especially sitting in the parking lot of a convenience store.

This guy got a double whammy in Yakima Thursday. The man, who's identity was not released, was sitting in a car in the parking lot of the AM/PM on 16th. Ave, apparently 'playing' with the firearm.

Then it went off, sending a bullet through his arm. He attempted to drive to the hospital but passed out along the way. As he was losing it, he asked someone to call 911. Who he asked was not revealed, it's not known if he was alone in the car.

Yakima Police say the man is a known convicted felon, who's not supposed to have the gun in the first place, according to our news partner KNDU-TV.