According to sources, although he may have looked surprised by the appeal court's ruling that upheld his four game Deflategate suspension, apparently Tom Brady had a feeling he was going to be benched.

The New York Post is reporting that Brady has been adjusting his bank account, and engaging in 'financial planning' to cover the four games he will be suspended without pay.

Brady, you may recall, tore up his old deal with New England in February, and resigned at a salary of just over $1 million per  year, BUT took a $28 million dollar signing bonus. Had he kept the original contract, he would have made about $9 million for the 2016 season, of which $2 million would have  been forfeited.

As is, with the new deal, he will lose "only" $235,000.  So, if Commissioner Robert Goodell was hoping to punish him financially, Brady beat and owner Robert Kraft beat him to the punch.

As for losing those games on the field, few doubt that Coach Belichick will find ways to compensate with a backup QB. The greatest NFL innovator of our time will probably almost be looking forward to the challenge.

And by the way 'Hawks fans, the Super Bowl loss to New England is now two seasons removed.  Maybe it's time to refocus that 'hatred' back towards more traditional division rivals, rather than a team you see maybe every other or third year.  Just sayin'.


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