Richland police are searching for this woman, who is accused of stealing $500 dollars worth of lottery tickets from a Richland mini mart. But what she doesn't know is, the Lottery people know the serial numbers of the ticket series!

Authorities say she's tried to cash in a few of the winning tickets at an unnamed convenience store near Highway 395 and Kennewick Ave.

But she doesn't know that store employees were able to give police the complete set of numbers of the stolen tickets. Because the woman apparently ripped a big strand of them, they all have sequential numbers, making for easy tracking.

The Washington State Lottery was notified immediately, and ALL of the tickets are now marked as invalid and an alert sent to all stores in our area who sell them. Not only will she come up empty if she tries to cash in more winners, but store workers will be able to alert police when she's there.

A big surprise is a comin' missy!

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