Apparently Seattle Mayor Ed Murray has taken a page from Gov. Jay Inslee's playbook. The mayor, trying to come off as a 'champion' of equal rights, has now passed a 'ban' on city employee travel for official business to North Carolina.

The ban comes after the North Carolina general assembly (state legislature) passed a new law preventing all cities and counties from passing controversial anti-discrimination laws.  This new law prohibits, among other things, the passage of such controversial rules as the new transgender bathroom and locker room rules passed by the Washington State Human Rights commission.

The new WA standards, which apply to all state government and public business who employ ten or more people, and similar facilities, allow those who identify themselves as transgender to use whatever facilities they "identify" with.  The law says it's regardless of what what effect it may have on the business, owner, or those who patronize it. And, business owners and others are NOT allowed to build or set aside specific bath or restroom facilities for transgender individuals.

There has already been several incidents in the Seattle area involving men claiming to be transgender who utilized women's facilities and were arrested for alleged peeping and misconduct issues.

The North Carolina Assembly said the ban was passed after the City of Charlotte enacted an anti-discrimination law. Supporters of the new ban said reaction was needed to protect the safety of women and children after the radical action by Charlotte.

Murray says he's prepared to sign similar orders if other state adopt such laws or regulations.