In all the years we've been covering levies and other special elections, we can't recall seeing one end up so far like an undecided football game--a tie.

Unless you live in either the Kiona-Benton or Finley School Districts, you didn't receive a ballot in the mail to vote on these.

Finley voters were asked to  approve a replacement levy, that would take over when the old one expires soon, it was approved in 2018. The levy covers funding for programs that are not covered by the state, a wide range of programs: (according to the Finley School District Website)

  • Smaller classroom staffing
  • Career & Technical Education (CTE), Vocational, and STEM programs
  • Athletics and extra-curricular activities
  • Student health services and nurses
  • School counselors
  • Textbooks, library materials, and curriculum materials

The Finley Levy is in a 50-50 split, according to election results from the Washington State Secretary of State's office. Out of 678 votes cast, it was 339-339.  More votes are expected to be counted Wednesday, and possibly Thursday.

All it takes, literally, is one vote, as long as the levy hits one vote over 50% it will be approved. These replacement levies are not new taxes, like school bonds which usually cover capital projects like new schools, replacement equipment and major purchases.

Meanwhile, as Kahlotus, North Franklin and Patterson approved their levies by wide margins, Ki-Be's levy was failing with only a 43% approval--617 yes and 828 no votes.

For a look at the results, click on the button below.

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