Studio apartment behind home burns (Google street view)
Studio apartment behind home burns (Google street view)

On New Year's Day evening, Kennewick and Benton County Fire crews battled a fire behind a home.

   The outbuilding housed a studio apartment

Around 6:34 PM, Kennewick Fire units, along with Benton County Fire District 1 and some from Pasco responded to a report of a blaze at 124C E. 5th Ave.

 This image from Google street view shows the outbuilding behind the main home.

The location was a short distance east of Keewaydin Park. Upon arrival, crews learned the building on fire was a small studio apartment in an outbuilding behind the main home.

Crews saw smoke coming from the doorway, according to information released by Kennewick Fire Chief Chad Michael.

The one person who lived there was able to get out safely but will be displaced for a while due to damage to the structure.

Fire investigators said the blaze began in an interior corner next to the bed, but the exact cause of the fire has yet to be determined.

This is the latest in a series of recent housefires in our region, and fire officials stress to citizens to utilize fire safety, despite the colder weather.

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