The residents of an apartment complex in Marlton New Jersey will probably not forget July 4, 2011.  Not after a flyer appeared in their mailboxes and around the complex asking residents who were displaying the American Flag, to take it down.

Property Management stated the flyer did not correctly convey the message that while they wish to control what flags are displayed in windows, gardens and other areas, the American flag is always welcome.  But many residents are questioning that logic, as numerous complaints were registered with the management company.  Residents are wondering how so many of them could have gotten the "wrong" idea?  This is just the latest in a series of flag-banning memos, flyers and other patriotic restrictions being done across America, often in the name of political correctness, or for fear of "offending" someone from another nationality.  The good news?  Property Management Co. says a new flyer is on it's way to residents welcoming the flying of Old Glory.

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