Not the fireworks, but the people 'operating' them, were largely responsible for the incidents that occurred around our region over the 4th of July Weekend.

Area fire departments in the Tri-Cities answered some 51 calls, most of them fire-related, and most caused by improper use of fireworks or illegal boomers.

People shooting them off too close to vacant lots full of dry vegetation, setting sagebrush on fire, or using the commercial-grade up in the air exploding rockets were responsible for most of the incidents.

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Fireworks were said to be the cause of a fire that torched the corner of Canal and Volland in Kennewick, although the area burned was less than 150 square feet, it could have spread. Quick response by Kennewick Fire and Police confined it to the corner.

In Grant County, it was a little more serious. Sheriff Tom Jones reports Sunday a man in his 40's at the Moses Lake Sand Dunes area sustained "serious" life-changing damage to his hand when a firework he was "handling" exploded in his hand. He was flown to Spokane for treatment.

And, early Tuesday (!) a teen at the Dunes sustained severe hand damage and other injuries when a "modified" consumer firework exploded while he has handling it. He also required a flight to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

And, finally, we found on Monday and Tuesday at the station, ample spent fireworks debris in our parking lot, including a couple of large burn spots. BTW, we are located next to a large dry field where our AM radio tower sits...

Fireworks fire in Kennewick (Townsquare media)
Fireworks fire in Kennewick (Townsquare media)

There were also other reports of some minor injuries around the region. And again, we remind people for next year, use only what's legal, use it as directed, and don't try to modify your boomers for more bang.  Oh--and remember, the 4th is over people. My dogs thank you! Below is the scene near Volland and Canal Fire.


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