If the snap, crackle, pop and BOOM made you think we spent a lot on fireworks in the Mid-Columbia, you're correct.

  Fireworks expenditures climbing fast in some states

The data we located is from stacker.com and is based upon 2021 figures. There's not a lot out yet for this year, but WA state ranks pretty high. We searched a variety of sources, and they were one of the few that had a lot of data.

Stacker reports their findings by listing the average amount spent per state resident.  So, if a state has 5 million people, and the average amount spent on fireworks per person was $1.00, it would be $5 million in that state.

  WA State ranks 12th, according to Stacker data

The states with the highest expenditures per person are Missouri with $13.36, South Dakota with $10.87, and Kansas at $8.08.

WA state's figures were $2.32 per person, and when multiplied by the state's most recent population of just over 7.5 million people, we spent over $17 million on boomers.

It's interesting to note that CA and OR are way down the list, with an average per person spent of only $.53 and $.52 cents respectively. Texas is well down the list too, you would think they would spend a lot more. Idaho is also well behind WA too.

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Most of the northeastern states are well below $.50 cents per person spending on personal fireworks.

  Much of this is due to COVID pent-up energy

While fireworks sales zoomed due to COVID, because many public displays were canceled, Stacker reports the trend of increased personal fireworks spending has been on a steady, if not steep upward climb since 2008.

Again, this is 2021 data, but a good reflection of what's going on with fireworks. It's not your imagination that everyone's yard (almost!) seems like the River of Fire these days.

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