It happens every year. The 4th of July is awesome for humans, however, the noise can be overwhelming for our pets.

Some pets get so terrified by the noise that they run from familiar people and places. Sadly, some pets get lost.

To help keep your pets calm amid the loudness of the nighttime shenanigans there are 5 things you can do.

Keep your pets away from the fireworks. Keep them inside if possible. Pets that are normally kept outdoors should also be brought indoors.


Close windows and doors to drown out the sound of fireworks. Turn on a radio or tv to keep your pets in good company.

Create a distraction by having some of their favorite toys out and maybe have a treat[s] available.

Don't overreact or make a big deal. When our pets are nervous, it's hard not to comfort them. However, excessive comforting could validate your pet's fears. It's best to carry on as if nothing special is happening. After all, it will continue every year.

Consider asking your veterinarian about medication that can help reduce anxiety. Don't give your pet over-the-counter or prescription medication. Animals don't react to drugs the same as people.

Please don't punish your pets for being afraid. Don't put a pet in a crate, simply to keep them safe. If they're fearful, they'll just be afraid in the crate and are likely to injure themselves attempting to get out.

It's also a good idea to have a collar on your pet with identification if they're not already micro-chipped.


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