Every year, social media and other discussions on New Years turn to fireworks, for at least a little while.

Like many of you, our family heard a number of booms, and pops etc. after 9PM til around 11PM where we live in Kennewick.

Depending upon where you live, the fireworks pyrotechnicians blast off various displays. Some are ground bound, others resemble the River of Fire. The ones we saw (and heard) were a mix of rapid popping firecrackers, with frequent aerial mortars.

It wasn't enough to disturb our dogs, maybe they're only 'used' to fireworks in summer on July 4.

But inevitably, people starting posting or talking about NYE fireworks being illegal. However they are.

West Richland PD posted this New Year's Eve:

"Per WRMC 8.22.020 Fireworks may be discharged tonight, December 31, 2020 between the hours of 6:00pm through 1:00am."

WRMC is Washington Revised Municipal Code (basically state law). Now this DOES only apply to areas where fireworks are legal. The rules we use for July 4 apply 12-31.  So, now you know.

And, technically yes, the fireboomers in our neighborhood were not legal.

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