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Tastes vary in different regions of our country, but when it comes to the most popular Thanksgiving side dishes, a few of them raise eyebrows.

The study looks at most popular state-by-state

Better Homes and Garden Magazine online did a survey of the most popular side dishes in each of the 50 states for Thanksgiving. The study was performed by the career-job website Zippia, and shared by BH and G.

According to the survey, the following states rated mashed potatoes as the top choice:

Colorado, Connecticut, Illinois, Minnesota, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming.

Stuffing or Dressing were tops in Alabama, Louisiana (cornbread stuffing), Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

But then we start to get a little different. Delaware, Georgia North Carolina, and Maryland chose mac and cheese, Missouri, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Utah it was biscuits or rolls, including crescents.

Texas's top choice was simply gravy. 

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Now for the rather unusual. Alaska's top choice was hashbrown casserole, while Indiana chose deviled eggs. One of the more unusual, and to many, unappetizing, would be in Kansas, where the top side dish choice was creamed corn.

Whatever your choice is, we hope you enjoy it this holiday!

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