Why didn't we think of this? Well, before you get the idea to "Griswold" your car, truck or SUV, read this.

If you're participating in a parade that has an established route etc, it's OK.  If you're operating it on private land, and not entering a public roadway,  it's OK.

But to deck out your vehicle this way for everyday (or night) driving is NOT LEGAL.  The West Richland Police department said they hated to the The Grinch, but it's against state law to slather Christmas lights all over your vehicle.

State Law has strict mandates as to the number, what kind and the array of lights (where they're positioned) on a vehicle, as well as the color.  And, yes, there are a series of tickets issued depending upon the violation.

But if the vehicle isn't driveable, or just stays parked, have at it.  So there you go!


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