Often wonder just how much the power bill spikes due to all those holiday lights?

Most people do pay some attention to their power bill this time of year, especially if they Griswold their home (uber decorate) for Christmas.

But the national average is rather significant. According to a recent study published on the website Inside Energy,  the average American home can see the bill jump as much as $58.

Their study included lights outside, a pre-lit tree, one animated reindeer in the yard, and one large inflatable, as well as a small train running around the tree. That's a rather conservative estimate, especially for those homes where people put up multiple inflatables, or have tons of lights running round outside.

Even the newer florescent bulbs still add to the bill.  If you're not sure what yours will be, the folks on the Inside Energy website even included a link where you can calculate your own energy 'boost' from Christmas!  But hey, it's worth it huh?

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