According to West Richland police, and the Benton County Sheriff's department, low water levels on the Yakima might take up your whole day if you're planning to float. It's a popular summer past time.

As of July 25th according to the West Richland police Facebook and other reports, water levels are low. If you start from the Twin Bridges area (where lots of people put into the river) down to the West Richland Bridge, it will take you at least 3 hours, as many as 8 depending upon side activities.

But at least lower water levels mean a little calmer situation. Officials also say to make sure and let somebody know what you're doing and when you expect to be back. That way if something goes wrong, they will know to alert authorities and look for you.

And, make sure you put your cellphone in a waterproof or other ziplock type of bag to keep it from "drowning."  Be careful, and have fun.

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