According to BFT Officials, the big changes include changes to some of their biggest routes, increased frequency (more buses), expanded hours, and GPS that will allow riders to track their bus, so they can plan trips more effectively.

Officials say new routes are going to be added, and especially more buses and increased frequency on popular routes as well.

The service will also expand their operating hours, extending Fixed Route and Dial-A-Ride so they will be available from 6am through 8pm. Night service will also be expanded til 12 midnight.

But perhaps the most compelling new feature is GPS being added to buses, so that riders can track and see where their bus is on the BFT mobile app. Officials say this will allow people to see where the bus is actually at, giving them more flexibility to get to stops on time. It will allow them to spend less time waiting for the bus.

For more details on the routes,  and other changes, click here to see them on their website.

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