We're all behind this guy 100%! It's done elsewhere, why not in High School?

The former coach of the Bremerton, WA high school football team has filed a lawsuit against the district, claiming his religious rights and freedom of religious expression has been violated.

Joe Kennedy was fired after school officials demanded he stop his practice of praying with players after, and sometimes before football games. He'd been doing it since 2008, but the practice didn't come under fire until, some say, atheist protestors complained to the district. He was asked to stop last fall, but continued his practice of taking a knee and silently praying.

According to reports, the team and students were solidly behind the popular coach, and now apparently the Texas-based First Liberty Institute has filed a lawsuit in U.S. court in Tacoma.

The District, no doubt influenced by the special interest group, had claimed students could be coerced into attending religious ceremonies and events if they saw their coach participate in such ceremonies or endorse them.

To which we would ask...what's wrong with that? There's a lot worse conduct being passed off as normal and acceptable these days. GO COACH!


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