West Richland police report an alert homeowner likely scared off two would-be burglary suspects early Wednesday morning. Judging from the giant decal on their car, they are Seahawk fans.

Authorities say around 4 a.m. a white male and female, probably in early 20's, tried to break into a home located on East Lattin Road near West Richland. East Lattin is a stretch of road a little more than a half-mile long running east from Bombing Range Road to just north of Keene.

They tried to force open a side sliding door, but when confronted by the homeowner, they fled. Their getaway vehicle was described as dark gray Dodge Charger or older Mustang with a dark green passenger side door. It also had a large Seahawks sticker in the rear window. Sounds like a somewhat distinctive car.

Anyone with any information is asked to call 509-628-0333. All leads are confidential.

Perhaps the suspects shouldn't have driven up in a car that's likely to be easily recognized later. Some fans won't like you dragging their reputation down.

Seattle Seahawks v Arizona Cardinals
Christian Petersen, Getty Images

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