More information has been released by Kennewick police about a rental scam involving foreclosed homes, and they're asking possible victims to come forward.

November 10th, police arrested Maggie Zieske and Steve Hartman after a victim had filed a complaint with the department over what turned out to be a fraudulent rental.

The Kennewick couple, pictured above, allegedly broke into homes clearly marked as going into or already being in foreclosure. They changed the locks on these vacant homes, then rented them to victims. They provided the people with legitimate looking rental or rent-to-own papers.

According to police, several more victims have come forward, including one person who installed a new HVAC heat pump and system in their home, thinking it was theirs.

They were arrested at a foreclosed home on 3rd. Avenue in Kennewick, where they had been living. Police now say the scam could reach as far as Spokane.  Reports indicate they received thousands of dollars in rent and deposits from the victims.

Police say if you've have any dealings with these two, to contact the Kennewick Police Department immediately.

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