Fortunately, the woman was not seriously injured and later released after a safety examination at the hospital. But this makes smoking in bed sound tame.

Thursday night around 9 :20pm, Kennewick Fire Crews were called to a backyard at 306 E. 7th street for a report of a shed fire. It was rather large and damaged a PUD Utility pole as well as a truck parked next to the shed.

But what started it was bizarre. A woman at the scene told emergency workers she had been sitting inside the shed, smoking and drinking, and she fell asleep! Her lit cigarette started the fire, which quickly consumed the content of the shed, and burnt up the building in the process. The shed was a fairly large structure and the fire was significant.

The shed was a total loss, the woman was treated and released that same night. No mention if any charges pending for the drowsy shed smoker. No information was given about what the contents of the shed were, or financial losses from the damage.

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