A former Pasco resident has been apprehended in Arkansas by U.S. Marshalls, after fleeing the Mid-Columbia.

Pasco police said Monday morning 53-year-old Johnny Lee Hill had been apprehended and will be extradited to Franklin County on charges of 2nd Degree child Rape, and failure to register as a sex offender.

Back in June 2017, Pasco police had posted information on their Facebook page about seeking his whereabouts. Apparently he had fled to Arkansas, where he was located and arrested.

He was listed on numerous national crime suspect websites, and was found by U.S. Marshalls. It is not known if a tip led to his apprehension. A backround check reportedly shows a previous conviction date for a crime dating back to 2001. Specific details about the 2nd Degree charges and previous incident were not readily available.

(Courtesy of icrimewatch.com)

from national website (icrimewatch.com)
from national website (icrimewatch.com)


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