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Sex Offender Accused of Beating 2 Toddlers Now Suspected of Rape
According to court documents, a convicted sex offender who was arrested for allegedly assaulting two small children ages 2 and 4 is now charged with sexual assault as well.
Walla Walla police say on May 7 22-year-old Stephan Cleveland and his 25-year-old girlfriend Jenean Lucero were arrested for the…
Convicted Richland Offender Says 'Steroids' Made Him do It
A Richland man plead guilty in Benton County Superior Court this week to charges of recruiting and attempting to pimp out an underage girl for sexual purposes.
52-year-old John R. Abrams Jr. was first arrested in March of 2017 on attempted coercion and enticement of a minor to engage in criminal acti…
Level 3 Sex Offender Arrested for Repeated Reporting Violations
A wanted suspect is behind bars (again) after refusing to report his whereabouts to authorities, and refusing to register as a sex offender.
Franklin County Sheriff's nabbed Alan Reukauf for repeated violations of his parole. He's a Level 3 sex offender who has not complied with registratio…
Former Pasco Resident Arrested in Arkansas on Child Rape Charges
A former Pasco resident has been apprehended in Arkansas by U.S. Marshalls, after fleeing the Mid-Columbia.
Pasco police said Monday morning 53-year-old Johnny Lee Hill had been apprehended and will be extradited to Franklin County on charges of 2nd Degree child Rape, and failure to register as a sex…
Jury Still Undecided in Kennewick School Sex Offender Trial
An 86-year-old former Kennewick teacher has already served time on sex abuse convictions involving Kennewick High students, but now civil trials are underway against the District.
As of Monday, the jury is still undecided as to whether the Kennewick School District is liable for not protecting the st…

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