According to police reports and court documents, the man accused of stealing a woman's baby this week is a convicted registered sex offender. They also reportedly met via a dating app.

Sunnyside Police say 24-year-old Thomas Lanier was invited to hang out at the woman's apartment after they met, they did some drinking and some sexual relations. Her two children were asleep at the time in an adjacent room, a young boy and one year old daughter.

Lanier had convinced her to join him in the shower, he said he was going to get bodywash from his truck, but when he didn't appear, the woman checked her apartment. She saw her daughter's playpen was empty, then after going outside she saw Lanier walking down the street carrying the child. The woman, whose name was not released, raised a ruckus, several passers by came over after Lanier allegedly threatened her before giving her back the baby.

He drove off, but was arrested when he returned later to retrieve some of his clothing and his cellphone. Turns out he's a convicted registered sex offender out of Oregon, with multiple counts against him. He tried to tell Sunnyside officers during his interrogation that someone outside the apartment said they were going to rob him, and he took the child for it's safety. He's facing a laundry list of charges. The baby was unharmed.

The two had met up on the dating app called "Meet Me."

Unlike some insidious 'dating' apps, Meet Me spins itself as a friendly, non-threatening site.

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