One of two candidates who sought the Chief of Police in position in Richland will now be really looking for a job.

Yakima Police Chief Dominic Rizzi Jr., who was one of two candidates 'rejected' by the City of Richland, was informed Monday his services will be terminated in two months. The city formally issued the required 60-day notification of termination to the Chief.

Rizzi Jr. joined Yakima in 2012, and by most accounts did a laudable job cleaning up a department known for having some scandals, supposedly a 'good ol' boys club,' and other issues. Most city officials believe he did what he was hired for.

But Monday, the City Manager issued this statement about the position (From our sister station Newstalk 1280 KIT):

"The Yakima City Council will soon begin the search for a new Yakima Police Chief. A news release from the city says YakimaCity Manager Cliff Moore announced Today that the tenure of Dominic Rizzi, Jr. as Yakima Police Chief is ending.

“I have determined that it is time for new leadership to be put in place at the Yakima Police Department,” said Moore.  “The YPD is constantly striving to improve. Now is the time for that effort to move to the next level, and to accomplish that goal the department needs new ideas, fresh perspectives, and a renewed sense of energy from its chief,” said Moore."

  Rizzi Jr was one of two candidates who was informed over the Labor Day Weekend he would not be considered for the Richland job, the other being Sunnyside Chief Albert "Al" Escalera.  Now, both Richland and Yakima will operate on an interim basis until more candidates are found and one is hired.

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