Officials will not say why, but the former interim police chief for the City of Wapato has been placed on paid administrative leave.

Officer Michael Compos, says Mayor Keith Workman, should have never been placed in the interim position, it should have been Sgt. Mike Deccio. He was named interim chief Tuesday. Officials will only say Compos is on leave due to an "investigation."

Compos took over last summer, in August, when former Chief Dominic Rizzi was fired. No word as to why Compos is on leave, but two years ago he was exonerated with another officer after a fatal shooting involving a suspect who tried to assault both policemen. The suspect tried to go for Compos' gun, he was able to wrestle it away and shoot him. At that time, former Mayor Tony Guzman took to social media and blasted Compos with some very unflattering racial criticism.

Compos then reportedly filed a $1.5 million dollar defamation suit against Guzman.

This is just the latest in a multiyear drama in Wapato that has seen at least one case of embezzlement, suspicions of others, disputes and even threats between and against council members and officials, a state audit critical of the city's practices, and ongoing drama in it's police department.

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