Teacher Negotiations Scuttle Student Open Houses
The Wapato School District announced Tuesday morning that the usual evening open-houses that take place at the beginning of the school year will be cancelled because teachers have chosen not to participate.
There have apparently already been open houses at Camas and Satus Elementary schools, but no w…
Police Find Pipe Bomb at Buddhist Temple near Wapato
Authorities say it was a crudely made device, but say it could have hurt someone nonetheless.
Federal officials have now been called in to investigate the discovery of the piece of narrow pipe with a 12-gauge shotgun shell inside. It was the makings of a bomb although it did not have a direct trigger…
Man Shot and Killed Near Wapato Monday Night
A man was shot and killed near Wapato on Monday night and many details are still unknown. The Yakima County Sheriffs office say the un-named man was killed by a gun shot wound and news reports say they are investigating. There was not mention of arrestes or even a description of the shooter at this …

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