Media business experts say it was due to low rankings and an inability to draw viewers, and therefore advertising. Others say it was due to his attitude, outbursts and what one report said was misogynistic behavior.

 Don Lemon squeezed out at CNN after tanking morning show

After a total of 17 years with the network in a variety of roles, controversial host Don Lemon was let go Monday by CNN, according to the New York Post.

Lemon took to Twitter with a fiery post, claiming he found out from his agent.  However, a few hours later CNN responded by saying that was not true, and he was given a chance to meet with management. Whether it could have saved his job is not known.

Much as been made about his recent outbursts and bad behavior, according to a variety of sources via The NW Post. That, plus controversial insulting statements made towards mostly conservatives during the last couple of election cycles did not help.

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Business media experts say a large part of his final departure stems from the abysmal ratings on CNN This Morning, where Lemon assumed hosting duties a few months ago. He was taken off evenings due to sliding numbers, and CNN This Morning is the lowest-rated morning show on the network in over ten years.

According to the NY Post:

"Inside CNN, staffers are said to be “ecstatic” that Lemon is no longer at the network, as he had become a major distraction. 

Although sources said there was not a single incident that caused CNN and Lemon to part ways.  CNN management saw that Lemon’s outbursts and bad behavior were not “getting better” and were part of a “pattern,” making it clear that the situation was no longer tenable.Going forward, ..."


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