A group of activitsts are seeking to "change the trajectory" of our state, new leaders are being sought, people who want to run for office or public positions.

The Ignite Foundation is a not for profit group and their mission statement reads in part as follows:

"Recognizing the challenges that “lunch box” candidates face challenging opponents from the two major parties, Michelle Darnell launched Ignite in 2019 to provide these candidates with campaign support services, tools and training that Ignite the next generation of leaders.

We believe that People x Time x Money = Political Capital, and with political capital we can change the world. Ignite aims to help the next generation of leaders change the world – for the better!"

On their Facebook page, they're seeking to recruit, train and offer services of 100 people to run for a variety of offices in WA state. One of the key points of their platform is education. They had this on their website about what changes are needed:

"We believe that our current education system is failing our kids. For years our schools have been deteriorating. Teachers, students and parents have been maligned by an educational system that is no longer serving their needs.

We believe school choice empowers families and increased competition will increase opportunity and educational equality for all. All students in Washington should have equal access to an excellent education.

Currently Washington spends over $16,000 per year, per student we believe the money should “follow the backpack.” Vouchers or educational scholarships much like the GI bill could be used for tuition for private, public, charter or home school cooperatives. Parents would be free to choose the best educational environment for their child."

The area Facebook group arm of Ignite, which was founded Oct. 30 of this year, is a direct outgrowth of what's happened to WA Public School systems since the COVID Pandemic.

To find out more about this effort to improve education, click on the button below.

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