The Richland Fred Meyer store reopened Monday, just three days after an arson-related fire torched an aisle and did thousands of dollars in damages to merchandise.

While praising store workers for responding exactly the way they're supposed to under such emergency conditions, officials also said customers won't soon notice there was ever a fire. This due to cleanup efforts to remove smoke and other stains.

Meanwhile, Benton County officials say one of the two suspects in jail, 35-year-old Daniel R. Wright of West Richland, was part of a Benton County work crew when the incident occurred. He is accused of setting the fire in the store, then walking out with a number of unpaid for items.

Court records indicate he had charges from last November, and owed over $9,000 in fines and restitution. He will now remain in jail through May on these old charges. New charges are being brought over the fire and theft.

Meanwhile the search continues for a suspected 2nd accomplice who was seen leaving the store at the same time as Wright, the other man believed to be involved.

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