A 45-year-old Kennewick woman is facing several charges after she pumped gas at a Kennewick station, didn't pay for it, AND drove off with the hose still inside the fill port.

Tuesday, Shannon M. Mellon filled up her car the Sun Pacific Energy station on Clearwater in Kennewick, but didn't go inside to pay.

She then drove off, but apparently had forgotten to hang up the hose. The nozzle was still inside the fuel port, and as she left, it ripped the hose off the pump. However, a witness saw this happen and called police. They got a description of her vehicle, and followed her.

She drove into the parking lot by Golds Gym at Clearwater and Highway 395, removed the gas hose and nozzle, then hid them in some bushes! She then drove over to the Taco Bell at 395 and Kennewick Ave. to eat, where she was contacted by officers.

She initially lied about what happened, but police confronted her about the witness and her ditching the hose. She was arrested, and is now in the Benton County jail.

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