WA State Legislature (GOP State Senators)
WA State Legislature (GOP State Senators)

A pair of GOP Senators have pre-filed some bills ahead of the legislative session that begins January 9th.

  Bills would restore police chases, re-criminalize drugs

Senator Mike Padden (R-Spokane Valley) has introduced two of the bills. They are Senate Bill (SB) 5034 and 5035. According to GOP Senate Republicans, by way of Communications Director Tracy Ellis:

"Senate Bill 5035 would make possession or use of illegal drugs like fentanyl, methamphetamine, and heroin a class C felony with diversion opportunities and drug court."  This bill would counter the 2021 Democrat Senate Bill 5476 that basically de-criminalized hard narcotics and drugs.

Senate Bill 5034  would change state law to again make it easier for law-enforcement officers to pursue suspects in vehicles."  This bill would counter several measures passed by Democrats that have basically all but eliminated the ability of law enforcement to pursue suspects.

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Senator Lynda Wilson (R-Vancouver) has also pre-filed a bill that would return certain levels of crime to the three-strikes level. Again, from Ellis:

"Senate Bill 5011 R-Vancouver, supports her recent vow to restore second-degree robbery to the list of offenses counted as a strike under Washington’s voter-approved “three-strikes” law."

2nd-degree robbery was removed from the three-strikes criteria in 2019, then retroactively added again in 2021, but not before a number of criminals in our state were able to 'dodge' the three-strikes mandatory life-without-parole sentencing.

The legislative session begins January 9th in Olympia.

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