You might not know, but other than certain bodies of water in our area, the Number One culprit in providing breeding water for mosquitos is old tires.

All it takes is a good rainfall, and the old tire swing your kids dumped in the corner of the yard is a breeding bed for thousands of mosquito larvae. They lay their eggs on quiet standing water, and then poof! With the threat of West Nile Virus, officials are always looking to get rid of much standing water as possible.

April 27th, if you're a Benton County resident, you can bring and drop off as many as 20 tires at 4951 West Van Giesen in West Richland. It's the Annual Benton County Mosquito Control Board's Tire Disposal.  No rims, and no tractor tires, please.

You will need proof of residence to dump. The event runs starts at 7am til 3pm. For more details about this event, click on the button below.

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