Don't be alarmed if you see a crop duster buzzing over Richland and West Richland Thursday evening, it's be design.

Starting around dusk, 8:30pm, extensive aerial spraying will be done in the area to help curb mosquito issues this spring and summer. The Benton County Mosquito Control Board says dusk is the best time to apply the chemicals to achieve the best results.

But spraying alone won't keep them away completely. Some tips to ward them off around your home include:

  • Avoid having standing water for lengthy periods of time
  • get rid of old tires and other debris that can capture 'hidden' pockets of water, which are perfect for the pests to lay eggs.
  • Make sure vegetation and plants are trimmed back, avoid having 'large' bushes that grow up to and against your home.
  • Utilize repellent when outdoors, especially in evening hours.

Utilize legal repellents in areas where you may see them active.  See below for areas that will be sprayed.

Map of where aerial spraying will be taking place (Benton County Mosquito Control Board)