Ever seen the movie Memphis Belle?

It's about a legendary World War II B-17 Bomber crew, the first one to survive their mandated 25 missions over Europe. That was the magic mark, because then they could be sent home.

Sad part is, few crews ever made it that far. Especially if you were in the earlier stages of the war before there were fighter planes with enough range to escort them to and from the target.

 So, You Will Have a Chance To Ride in One?

Experience some history, August 17th in Walla Walla. The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) and CAF Arizona are bringing the fully restored B-17 Sentimental Journey to the Walla Walla Airport. And yes, besides a tour that includes crawling around inside the bomber, you could even go for a ride!

Here's some information from their tour page:

 Tickets are $10 per person, $20 for a family of four. 

Or if you're adventuresome, you could fly in one. A very limited number of seats are available to actually go up and experience history with the wind whipping through the gunner's windows.

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One of the seats (rare) that is available is that of the bombardier in the nose of the plane. That crewman was responsible for looking through the bombsite, lining it up and pressing the button that released their payload on the target below.

No, you won't be able to 'bomb' anything, but you can experience the view from the nose of the plane.

For more details and information about this rare opportunity just click on the button below.

You know you want to get out more...right?

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