In his defense, it was dark, and an airplane is not something you're going to be looking for on the highway. But, he did leave the scene of an accident.

An Idaho driver is a little bewildered about why he received a citation after clipping the side of an airplane after it made an emergency landing about a mile from the Boise, Idaho airport October 13th.

Jon Brinkerhoff was forced to make the emergency landing on I-84 after his plane ran out of fuel a mile from the airport. He safely set the 1970 Cessna down, but it did suffer some damage.

However, shortly after landing, he was clipped by a pickup driven by Dao Nguyen, who was driving his Ford eastbound in the middle lane. Nguyen said he heard the noise of the aircraft coming in, then his wife said "airplane."  He didn't think anything of it, but discovered the mishap had broken the sideview mirror on the passenger side, and the headlight.  After surveying the damage, he drove home and called authorities.

Turns out, he was cited for leaving the scene of an accident. Nguyen said he only has two eyes, not four, and he has to keep his two on the road.

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