If you have been vaccinated for COVID-19, you can get a free donut from Krispy Kreme.

The company announced nationally, via their website, if you have a proof of vaccination card, you can get a free basic glazed donut.

The promotion begins Monday, March 22nd.locally, at their Richland location at 2805 Duportail. The way it works is, if you have a genuine vaccination certification card, you can get one free donut per day, without having to purchase anything.

The website doesn't say what the limits are for the duration. From the Krispy Kreme website:


Each individual guest who requests the COVID-19 offer will be limited to one (1) Original Glazed® doughnut per day, no purchased required."

There's no mention of how long this will run, or limitations day wise. The website doesn't say when this promotion will end, either. But it's a cool deal if you've gotten the shot.

But if you haven't gotten, or don't plan to get the shot, there's still a nice offer for you. Krispy Kreme also says on the website they will offer a free donut and some coffee.

From their website:

"We understand that choosing to receive the COVID-19 vaccine is a highly personal decision. We advise all employees and guests to consult with their healthcare provider regarding whether to obtain a COVID-19 vaccination and which vaccine to receive after reviewing the available information. If you have made the personal decision to not receive the COVID vaccine, please visit us on Mondays, 3/29/21 – 5/24/21, to receive a free Original Glazed® doughnut and a medium brewed coffee to get your week off to a good start."

There are a few limitations, namely the offer is in person (in store or drive through only) and does NOT apply for online orders or delivery (presumably Door Dash, or other similiar delivery services). 

 Maybe a little more complex than their donuts, or less, here's some other food items to tinker with.


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