It never ceases to amaze us that people who are wanted by police for outstanding warrants or other reasons can't seem to stop attracting attention to themselves.

Tuesday afternoon, Kennewick officers responded to the Safeway Plaza on Kennewick Ave. for a report of a man causing a big disturbance. A witness told police they saw a man run into the nearby Payless Shoe store.

Police realized the accurate description was for 38-year-old Steven J. Schwartz, who happens to be on their wanted list, considering he's got at least three outstanding arrest warrants out of Wenatchee. As is with all law enforcement agencies, they have data on suspects from other areas who are believed to have come to our region.

Officers cornered him inside the store, he was promptly arrested, and will be sent back to Wenatchee and jail.

Exactly what disturbance he was raising in and around Safeway was not divulged by police.


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