According to Politico, they've assembled a list of likely candidates for a Biden White House Cabinet, should he wind up there.

A LOT of legal wrangling, recounts and other 'activities' going on before it's over. However, Politico has put together the likely candidates for Biden positions if he takes over.

Much has been made by political observers, including We The Governed, about Inslee's desire for a White House Cabinet position. It's probably the worst kept secret according to legislators, and even some in the Seattle media (KIRO, KTTH Radio).

Inslee's failed Presidential run was entirely based upon environmental issues, and after posting a 0.0 or 0.1 visibility rating, he was left desperately seeking validation for his platforms. He's on the record as desiring to be known as the 'greenest' governor in history.

His zeal has actually landed him on the secondary list for EPA Director. However, he is behind Mary Nichols, who is the chair of the California Air Resources Board and a variety of other positions, as well as Heather McTeer Toney, former regional director of the EPA's Southeast Region.

Inslee has no prior specific environmental or EPA or climate government management experience, his only qualifications are his zeal for green.

There are a lot of media observers, even some legislators who would like to see him get the position, just so (in the words of one Seattle radio host) we could 'get rid of him.'

IF he were to get the job, Lt. Gov. Denny Heck would assume the Gov. position. No clear cut idea if we would see any loosening of the iron fist grip Inslee has on our state especially where COVID is concerned.

Judging from his actions, policies and political behaviors over the last four years especially, it's a possibility we could wind up with a distracted, resentful leader if he doesn't land the EPA gig. This is based upon a lot of 'inside' information we've received from informants in Olympia.

We will continue to monitor this situation. It is preliminary, but Inslee is in the stadium. Doesn't mean he's going to be starter, but anything could happen.

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