Gov. Inslee had a press conference Tuesday to basically reiterate Mask Up Open Up, but also slid back a bit to social distancing and other means.

Inslee said people need to continue to minimize contact with other people, and put in a plug for contact tracing. He said these steps including Mask Up Open Up is economy opening.

He did reference baseball, saying we're in the "bottom of the 3rd inning" and not the 9th inning, claiming this is a long fight.

He also cited Commissioner Jerome Delvin of Benton County, who claims mask adherence in Benton County is "90%".

Inslee claims we have to reduce the "curve" to lower the virus. Despite all of his negative verbage, he said "we don't need to be afraid," but offered little follow up to provide positive hope.

Inslee also took a big political swing at President Trump around the 21:00 minute mark, claiming Trump thinks the virus is just going to go away.

He reiterated his same list, in the same order, of the GOP leaders who have supported masks. It was the exact same verbage used in CBC conference a while back.

Inslee wanted to dispel what he claims is misinformation about rising rates. He claims it's not due to more testing (rising cases) and cited the WHO and other authorities.

He also brought in Kathy Lofy State Health Officer, who blamed the rise in COVID cases on people interacting more, blaming household contact, gatherings, and other social situations, retail and business situations.

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