Inslee on TVW (TVW)
Inslee on TVW (TVW)

Gov. Inslee told TVW this week why there won't be tax relief for citizens, especially middle-class.

  Inslee blames homeless crisis, lack of income tax

The Governor, speaking with TVW, claims other states have income taxes they could roll back, but because WA state doesn't have one, there's nothing he can do. He also blamed the homeless situation in our state as to why, presumably, the state has to spend more money.

He also fell back on a talking point he used throughout COVID (when asked why schools were not opened or steps were taken to help small businesses more) by saying WA state is not like other states.

He also claims that broad-based tax relief would benefit "billionaires," not just the middle class. According to Jason Mercier of the Washington Policy Center, it appears his belief that tax cuts help rich people outweighs the benefits of helping everyone else in the state.

Numerous other states have suspended their gas tax temporarily to provide some relief but no action has been taken by the Governor in this area.

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