Back on February 28th, we reported on a petition that had been started to recall Gov. Jay Inslee, especially over his declaration of WA being a sanctuary state, and his refusal to adhere to many Federal immigration laws.

The petition was listed on the website, and had exploded in growth the first few days.

The petition appears to be linked via Facebook to a group called Bound to Patriotism. It was first circulated on social media, and we reported it had tripled it's signatures in two days.

A check of the petition on Tuesday April 11 shows it's at 9,512, a decent number, but given it had gone from about 1,000 to over 2,800 in just a couple of days does show the growth has slowed somewhat. It's gained just over 6,600 in 42 days, an average of 157 a day. It's previous initial growth rate was over 900 per day.

The goal of the petition has not changed, still looking to get at least 25,000 signatures and seeking to have Inslee recalled for his stance on illegal immigration. Inslee claims the state will honor arrest or other law enforcement warrants for illegals, but beyond that the state appears it will show -0- cooperation when it comes to enforcing or working with ICE or the feds to follow immigration law.



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